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Chris Venus
21 January 1978
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Not a bio, just some stuff about my journal usage to try to make sure nobody gets offended by how I use LJ.

I use my journal for: keeping track of what my friends are up to, relieveing bored moments at work with LJ conversations (usually on my friends' journals) and keeping a sporadic record of what I've been up to.

Being on my friends list means: That either I know you or you seem interesting enough that I want to read your journal. Being on my friends list doesn't necessarily mean I read what you say since I often skim read LJ.

Me being on your friends list means: I can read your most generically restricted posts and that you might let me read more private posts.

Not friending you after you friended me means: one of a few things. Firstly that your journal doesn't interest me. This is usually because there are too many "what kind of thing am I" quizzes. Alternatively it could be because I haven't worked out who you are so haven't added you to attempt to keep my friends list manageable. Lastly it could be just because I haven't bothered yet. Adding people to my friends list is a relatively rare occurence.

Friending you and not being friended back means: That I can't read what you write. I would generally assume that this is because you don't want me to read what you write. Or possibly that you haven't bothered to add me back and nothing more than that.

I make friends only posts because: They contain content that I don't want to be fully in the public domain. This might be work related or personal stuff. I very rarely use custom groups but occasionally I do to either contact an individual that I know is reading LJ but not necessarily e-mail or if something is *very* personal or possibly just me being bitchy.

"Because Chris is the tallest man in alllll of Oxford Town, many come from miles arorund to see him, men gasp, women swoon, children cry! He is a piece of modern folk lore." - davedevil

Contact Details: http://www.livejournal.com/users/chrisvenus/171460.html (friends only)